Taxing Agencies Experience

We have extensive experience in representing clients with the various taxing agencies. Please see below a description of each entity.

Internal Revenue Service ~ This is the federal taxing authority for the United States, provided through the powers enumerated in the Constitution to "lay and collect taxes." The IRS collects personal and business income taxes. The Law Office of Leesa Webster has vast experience dealing with the IRS, whether it is personal 1040 taxes, employment 940 and 941 payroll taxes, or 1120 corporation taxes. We have experience with the various departments of the IRS and have developed working relationships with the local agents that have been assigned cases for enforcement.

Franchise Tax Board ~ This is the state taxing authority. While similar to the IRS the FTB has several different nuances and different sets of laws that govern them. We have experience in FTB issues and have had successful communication with various FTB agents and departments.

Employment Development Department ~ EDD is the unemployment and disability insurance taxing authority. While not a taxing entity as one expects, they have several powers that are inherent to taxing authorities. Law Office of Leesa Webster has experience in dealing with EDD issues.

State Board of Equalization ~ The SBOE is responsible for collecting sales taxes from merchants. Problems usually arise when a merchant fails to disburse collected sales taxes to the SBOE. Law Office of Leesa Webster has had success working with the SBOE to bring businesses into compliance with the tax disbursement and success at setting up repayment plans with the SBOE.

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